Mission Statement


Team Hardwood is an AAU basketball program designed to take our players to the next level. We are not only building our players to be better athletes on the hardwood, but to help shape them as young adults. We will be stressing the importance of hard work and sacrifice to get where you need to be. Being great at anything is not easy and we want all of our athletes to know it starts with a positive attitude, strong values and a solid work ethic.

All Team Hardwood athletes must understand that schoolwork is a huge instrument in the process of getting an athletic scholarship. All players must put school in a very high priority if they are looking to play in college. Our coaches do a great job of staying on top of all teams about grades as well as checking in on report cards.

The ultimate goal for all of our players is to reach the next level. We will always hold everyone accountable to work hard not only on the court but in the classroom also.

Team Hardwood staff will always put more emphasis on learning and being a student of the game, there will always be someone else out there that will try to outwork you. The desire to always want to get better, learn and train hard is what will give you the best shot. Never be satisfied...