Nutrition Plans

Team Hardwood, CA | Nutrition plans

All of the top athletes train non-stop, put their bodies on the line and constantly push to themselves to the limit. Sustaining this type of training and exhaustion requires a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right meals will allow your body to last longer and stay on top of your game. No training or exercise program is effective for your body unless it is complemented with proper nutrition. Constant training without the right nutrients will just deprive your body.

How we can help allow your body to last longer:

  • Custom nutrition plans
  • Blood type based plans
  • In-house nutritionist
  • Guidance and weekly check ups
  • Grocery Shopping (How-To)
  • Weekly Meal preparation

We have a variety of plans and we can customize it to best fit your needs. In order to provide you the best results, we typically require a 20 min consultation to go over your current eating habits, workout schedule and all other necessary information to best assess your current lifestyle.

Use the contact tab to schedule a consultation with our nutritionist or email us at