What We Offer

Team Hardwood | Laguna Niguel, CA

Team Hardwood AAU Club Basketball program based in Orange County, CA is focused on development. Each individual player that comes to us has a different need to improve. But one common thing amongst all of the boys that come to us is that EVERYONE can continue to get better. When joining our program, you will receive these tools for development:

Team Practices
  • Two team practices a week
  • Instruction of man-to-man college style concepts*
  • Teaching different offensive schemes
  • Skill work through team drills
Skills, Strength and Conditioning
  • Outdoor works will be done sporadically throughout the season
  • Skills and open gym workouts will be done mostly on Sundays when we do not have tournaments.
Game Film Breakdown
  • 1 Hour of film breakdown with a coach*
  • Full access to film*
  • Full game stats*


*coming soon!