Private Training Orange County, CA | Team Hardwood

Interested in taking your game to the next level with one of our basketball trainers? You've come to the right place. 

All of Team Hardwoods trainers are former college, or pro, players. This essentially means they were elite players on their high school teams. Receiving training from someone with real experience on the court will allow them to not only attain the skills but the mindset of an elite athlete.

A few of the skills that you may want to strengthen or improve on: 

  • Ball Handling - Improving weak hand, advanced dribbling to challenge skilled ball handlers.
  • Shooting - Mechanics, form and shot consistency.
  • Footwork - Triple threat, better understanding of using pivots to attack the basket as well as protect the ball from the defense.
  • Speed and strength - Agility ladder, plyometrics and upper body workouts.
  • Defense - Proper defensive stance, slides and techniques.

Still not sure if you want to sign up? Use the contact us form to get a free phone consultation from one of our trainers!

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