Shot Training Orange County, CA | Team Hardwood

Mechanics on your form are so crucial in having a GREAT shot. Our shot training specialists all understand what proper shot looks like and what it should feel like for a shooter.

All of Team Hardwoods trainers are former college, or pro, players. This essentially means they were elite players on their high school teams. Receiving training from someone with real experience on the court will allow them to not only attain the skills but the mindset of an elite athlete.

Our shooting workouts consist of these key items: 

  • Mechanics - Working on your guide hand staying straight, proper follow through and a strong base.
  • Consistency - Showing athletes how to keep a consistent form so that you can have better percentages. Changing your shot only from your legs (power) while only missing short or long shots not left and right.
  • Mind of a shooter - No matter how many you miss you have to keep shooting. We train our athletes to have no conscience while having confidence!

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